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    About us

    What is seventorrents?

    Seventorrents is the source of clearest, fastest and newest scene and p2p group movie releases, provided with the information of the movie gathered from other sources automatically and manually to make it easy for users who like movies to search, decide and download their favourite movies.

    Why seventorrents?

    Torrents in seventorrents are safe, fast and best. We have over 600,000 unique visitors per month who are cheking testing and commenting on movies to help other users to download what they most want.
    Seventorrents is the only site professionaly developed for movie torrents. its not a CMS or weblog.
    Torrents in seventorrents are posted by admin, so no torrents are posted by spammers and advertisers.
    Seventorrents is free, no registration required to download movies.

    How is it created?

    I was doing this for my own, I mean browsing other torrent sites and finding best torrents comparing and... This needs time, experience and patience. Then I decided to share it to other people like me, since I was a developer, I decided to create an easy to use website.

    Is it legal?

    Usially downloading these torrents are not legal, the responsibility of downloading copyrighted media is on your own, I do not encourage or support people who rip or upload these stuff. In fact they are offending the movie industry.
    I assume you all pay for those movies you enjoy and watch in cinemas or buy the DVD, not only to support the producers but to watch it in high quality, specially that new movies are in 3D which you can not experience anywhere except cinema.

    Is seventorrents pirating movies?

    Well of course what seventorrents is doing doesn't make producers happy but seventorrents has never ripped or uploaded any movies, these movies are uploaded by anonymous users to other sites, the only thing seventorrents is doing is collecting best of those torrents and attaching information to them and creating an easy to browse list of those torrents.
    In other word we make it easy for those users who are looking for pirated movies to find what they are looking for which I name it sharing the browsing experience.

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